About us

The Russian Orthodox Youth Movement in Denmark was founded on november 2016 as a group for young Orthodox Christians in the church of st. Alexander Nevsky on Bredgade in Copenhagen, Denmark.

Goals: To strengthen the knowledge of the Orthodox Christian faith through catechisation, but also to create a community for the young in the parish. We also engage in translating the works of the holy fathers to the danish language. Our meetings are currently held in russian, danish and english.

Everyone, despite religious beliefs and age are welcome as guests, but we kindly ask to show respect to our traditions and shrines when we are visited. This implies males to wear clothes with long sleeves and long pants covering the legs, and women to wear dresses or skirts long enough to cover the legs, and upper parts covering the shoulders and arms. According to the teachings of the Church of Christ and the holy fathers, women cover their heads and men uncover their heads.

The Church of saint Alexander Nevsky on Bredgade

The history of the building is indisputably connected with the life of H.I.M. Empress Maria Feodorovna (Dagmar) of Russia. In 1880 H.I.M. the Tsar Alexander III made the decision to buy a piece of land intending to build a russian orthodox church in Denmark. In 1881, 370.000 gold rubles were collected to construct the church building. Works on construction were finished in 1883, and during the same year the church was blessed by priests in the presence of the russian imperial family and the danish royal family.

After the October revolution in 1917, the Russian Church stood before a very difficult political and religious situation. The newly founded communist government was extremely anti-religious to such a degree, that faithful orthodox christians were pursued and murdered all over the soviet union. In order to avoid the dictatorship of the godless communists over The Church, the large majority of russian orthodox churches outside the former borders of the Russian Empire, united in the Russian Orthodox Church Outside of Russia (ROCOR). Among them was the church of st. Alexander Nevsky on Bredgade in Copenhagen. It’s important to note, that the hierarchs (meaning the bishops) of ROCOR never recognized themselves as a separate church-structure from the Church in Russia. Since 2007 ROCOR and ROC-MP (the Russian Orthodox Church of the Moscow Patriarchy) are officially united, but always were so spiritually.
Currently the church building is under the jurisdiction of the very reverend Metropolitan Mark (Arndt) of Berlin and Germany in ROCOR, whose superior is the very reverend Metropolitan Hilarion (Kapral) of Eastern America and New York.